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Info on Upcoming Auction and Several Updates!!!!

Well, it is almost that time again....What time you may ask?  AUCTION TIME!  The next auction will be helping Amazing Mikah's Family.  You can read more about them HERE and that auction starts on July 1st.  We are in need of lots of items still for that auction, so please email me with items and descriptions at if you have anything to donate to the auction. 

Next up is an update about the kids who are still waiting in that orphanage.....If you read HERE then you see we had a bit of a matching grant going for them.  We had who did not meet her portion and so we have not been able to bring the other three up to their amount yet.  If we can get Sabrina up to $250 in her account, then the other three children mentioned will also be bumped up.  Two new children were also just listed as available in that orphanage and I'd love to do something to bring awareness for them after this auction, so I'd love to get this awareness campaign for these six kids wrapped up.  :) 

I also have an update on Brandon that we featured in our last auction!!!  His family just recently traveled for their first trip and were able to meet him.  He was loved on and knows he has a family coming.  They are back home and working hard to get him on this side of the ocean as quickly as possible!  Due to rules, his pictures can't be shared right now, but his smile still lights up a room when being loved by his mommy and daddy.  I can't wait till he is home and I can show you a picture of him in their arms!

Now it is time to make sure that Mikah....and other treasures being hidden away.....get the chance to meet their mommies and daddies too. 

Ready to help that happen???    

Thank you ALL for everything that you do to make that happen!

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