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In Honor of Our Matthew: A Chance to Help the Hidden Treasures Without Families

This isn't the norm for Hidden Treasures.....BUT.....  It isn't the norm to have children leave for Jesus's arms SO .....

Balloon release after his funeral.

His headstone can't be placed until July,
but his grave is decorated for Memorial Day.


The fact is that it happens though, because of THAT PLACE....yet there are children trapped there, who unlike Matthew have NEVER KNOWN LOVE....  So while we wait for Mikah's family's auction, I want to use the opportunity to advocate for those who have no family coming....  I asked that in memory of Matthew people donate to the children who are still there, those who need hope still.  We have had some money donated and that isn't assigned to a specific child.  We've tried to determine how to use that money.....  The best we can figure is that it needs to help them all. 

We want people to see THEM...and the money to help them.....  So we are going to try to get all of the children left waiting there to a $250 grant to help with their adoption.....  Plus you know that once chosen you have a COMMUNITY BEHIND THEM!  These children NEED OUT! 

This is Zayne.  He is only a year old.....  You can read more about his needs and help him reach his $250 goal by clicking and donating HERE
This is Joseph and he is only 2 years old.  You can read more about his needs and help him reach his $250 goal by clicking and donating HERE
This is Sabrina and she is only 2 years old.  You can read more about her needs and help her reach her $250 goal by clicking and donating HERE

When  THE THOSE THREE CHILDREN have met their goals of $250 in their grants, THEN THE NEXT THREE CHILDREN in the same orphanage that hides these treasures.....will also be BUMPED up to $250 with the $300 that we have designated.   Those three children are:
Saleena is only 2 years old and you can read more about her and her needs
Paul is 3 years old and you can read more about his needs
Tiya is 8 years old and you can read more about her needs
I know many people have asked what they can do for our family.  When you lose a child/sibling/huge piece of your heart....well nothing changes it....  We know he is happy and healthy now though.  No one will ever hurt him again.  That horrible place will never even cross his mind again and he will never live with the beating that occurred in his birth home and the horrid neglect that then occurred as he lay for years without movement or treatment in that bed of that orphanage.  He was surrounded by love here for the time we had him and that is something that we want for these six kids in a family of their own.....  Please someone go for them.  Give them the life that Johnathan, Charity, and Keith are now enjoying and thriving in here.... 

In honor of Matthew help us get the grants of these kids to $250 and share their faces until the whole world sees....ESPECIALLY THEIR MAMAS!  (If anyone is interested in adopting ANY of these CHILDREN please email Shelley at for more info)

****Things are super super busy here, so I'm going to set a goal of adding that $100 to those three accounts on June 1st!  Can we get the other three accounts to their goal by then????  Could we even exceed the goals by that date when I go to add the money????  I will do an update to this post then with the result!!!****

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