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Meet Our Next Hidden Treasure and His Family.....Amazing Mikah's Family

This is Mikah, a 13-year-old sweetheart with bright eyes and a gorgeous smile! He is diagnosed with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy, and has suffered neglect and malnutrition for most of his life. He was recently transferred to the same group home as Brandon (from the last auction), and his family is working hard to raise the funds for his adoption.  I actually met Mikah during my first trip to meet Matthew, Johnathan, and Charity.  He reached up to touch the face of the friend who was with me as we were going in from outside one day.  He was SO gentle.  The thought of him in that group home with the people who abused him for years takes me to a point of utter despair.  This is a child so full of innocence and joy...who had just gotten to the point of feeling safer and starting to grow and thrive....... 

  Mikah is being adopted by Jordan and Bethany Whiteley of Grand Rapids, MI. They have 2 biological children, Jimmy (5) and Katherine (3), and are thrilled to be adding Mikah to their family! Jordan and Bethany didn't have any plans for adoption of any kind until earlier this year, when they learned about Mikah and the awful situation he was in. They could not turn away from his sweet face and beautiful smile, and God guided their hearts to commit to adopting him!

Jordan and Bethany have experience caring for a child with medical and special needs, (their daughter Katherine spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital as a baby) so they feel well prepared to care for Mikah, and look forward to helping him reach his full potential. They cannot wait to finally get him home and make him a loved member of their family!

The auction for Mikah and his wonderful family will be next up in JULY!  (Yes, you read that right....July.... I've decided to wait till July for a couple of reasons. 1.  We are still trying to find our normal after Matthew left us for Jesus's arms and I don't know that I am going to have the time or brain power in just a couple weeks to put another one together.  2.  Doing one in June would mean that one is going to fall in December...while doing one in July makes it fall in November.....  November means items have time to ship for Christmas and December means that they are likely NOT going to make it.  I can tell you from the time it took to get payment from all the donors this time that I am going to lose my mind trying to pray that items arrive and it still won't happen for a December auction.  I value the sanity I have for my kids and try hard to make sure I'm doing my best for the auction too....November works MUCH better...) 

We will have a July Auction for Mikah's family and then plan to also have auctions in September with plenty of time to ship items for fall, Halloween, or even Thanksgiving.  Then we will have another auction this year in November that will have plenty of time to ship wonderful Christmas items!  Then we will be back ready in January with time to ship for Valentine's items with plenty of time.....  That schedule just seems to give a much better allowance for shipping times for upcoming holiday items to be included among other things in our auctions! 

Thanks so much everyone and watch for upcoming updates on the auction for MIKAH'S FAMILY! 

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  1. Oh I am so happy this little one has a family coming for him!!!! I think that July works wonderful Amanda, thank you for all you have done!


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