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Final Tally and Explanation of our Lateness

So sorry to be late with giving a final tally on this auction......  I will also have the info on June's family up for you very soon.  It seems that restarting the auction was a lot more complicated.  Many people assumed that I had the information from previous auctions and so it took everyone a little getting used to, in that I had to request all those addresses again that many were used to the Amy already having.  That took some extra time.

Our sweet Matthew also left our arms for Jesus's arms on the 18th of April.  His time in Pleven left him with too much neglect and the beating in his birth home had been too severe when he was 4 years old....7 years later that old blood was just not able to be cleaned out of his head so all we were able to do was love him and keep him comfortable as he left for a place of eternal comfort.  He will never again be in pain now, but we are definitely missing him here.

We wanted to keep things going as best we could, because his time there only reminds us of how much the children need out of that place......

For that reason we are thrilled to announce that between the PayPal donations and an offline donation made by the auction participants the total for the Hidden Treasures Auction this time was $2726 and Brandon's family is ready financially to go just waiting on a date for trip #1!!

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  1. That is wonderful Amanda that Brandons family is ready to go and get him! Thank you for all you have done. God bless you and your family. Sending you much love.


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