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Preliminary Total and Request

So we have a "Preliminary Total" of $1,902 for this auction which is HUGE and we are so very thankful for everyone's help!!!!  This is going to put Brandon's family within just hundred dollars of being fully funded for their adoption.  :)  Every adoptive family knows how big that is and what a relief it is.  They will be able to raise the rest of the funds without worrying about it so much because of the generosity.  We'll have a "final total" later, since donors often add a few extra dollars when they round up as they donate.  Its just always amazing to me what God's people can do when they come together to change lives!!  I can't wait to post an update of him when he lands and he and Reed are HOME.  I will be at that airport homecoming personally and will be sure to update everyone since they live locally and they have to let me.  ;)  For now all I have is a picture of his big smile that I know he'd give if he knew all the love that has poured out for him this past seven days!

****I do have one request as I'm continuing to notify bidders, IF you did not email the auction with the name you were bidding under PLEASE go ahead and do so still.  It is much harder to try to track down the bidders without that email.  It slows down the process and makes it where I'm bouncing between Facebook and email lists and begging others if they know.  Some of these names I "know", but I "know" multiple people by that name and I'm trying to guess which one it may be.  If you know me, then you know I have a house full of kids, so you don't want me to be crazier, right?  ;) 

Thanks everyone!  <3 

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  1. Sent you an email through blogger - I haven't received any notification re:winning bids. My email is


Don't Forget! Upon placing your first sure to email with your full name so that we can get in contact with you at auction's end about the items that you've won. And, be sure to bid below using at least your first name and last initial so that we know who is who. Thank you!