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Last Day!


Last Day!

Today is the last day for the auction.....  There is so very much listed


We have had a lot of bids come in, but we need more.  We have a lot of items that need YOU to come and see them and help bring Mikah home.....the biggest of which is an awesome getaway!

The linky list never made it up......  I'm going to have to work on that situation......  Both of the people who are usually available to help me with that were away from their computers during this auction and never got to it.  I do the rest of the auction by myself, but that aspect I have relied on others for some help.  I am going to have to "learn to linky"....  The good thing is that most auctions never have them anyway....  and you all are very proficient scrollers!

So, come on out and help make this last day a huge success!!  I know you are going to do it!

I'll email you after the bidding is over with your totals and payment info!

Thanks so much to all of you!!!


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