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Waiting with No Redemption in Sight - Sabrina

Brandon has a family....We are working on his ransom money that his family will use to pay the cost of his redemption......

Right now there are three children that are waiting in the orphanage we all know so well, but they do NOT have families on the way yet.  During the little while as we wait for the auction to begin I am going to take the time to introduce you to the children who are waiting..... 

First up is Sabrina....  She is the youngest of the waiting children there.  Her eyes haunt me.  They beg to be seen and rescued.  She is only 2 years old and could be gotten out at such a young age and rescued from the horrors that so many of the other children faced so many years of....but first someone has to step forward for her! 

Sabrina has CP.  She is able to sit up, move her arms and legs, reach for things, and roll a ball.  I keep imagining what she would look like with a bow and a dress....I imagine her with her hair grown out....  See it is hard to imagine for most, but I see children and then imagine the difference that would come if they were LOVED.  I've seen the difference that LOVE MAKES. 

Sabrina needs to see that difference.  Go down a few posts and see the difference it made to my children....  In just a few months Charity looked like a different child.  She had a glow and sparkle to her.  Wouldn't you love to see Sabrina have a glow and sparkle to her???? 

Would you give this sweet baby girl a chance to be loved and to be a DAUGHTER instead of an orphan?  If you can't do it, then share her....Share her until the whole world sees her!  For more info on Sabrina email Shelley at 

*Don't forget that the Breaking Free Brandon Auction starts on April 1st and we are still looking for donations to make it a success.  You can email me pictures and descriptions of items at for that auction!

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