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Here's what you need to know first of all about Brandon.  Brandon is an amazing little boy that a good friend of mine recently met while he was at the Pleven orphanage.  He had improved so much and was coming alive with the recent changes at the orphanage since the old director had been out for several years now.  Things there are still NOT GOOD at the orphanage...not good by any standards and have so far to come to even be good by normal orphanage standards.... BUT they were improving SO much above where they were when the old director was there and when my first child first left there even 2 1/2 years go.

Brandon is 10 years old and has CP. 
You can read more about him here:

THEN....well then....HORRIBLE NEWS CAME....  News that brought all of us to our knees begging for mercy.  We learned that the old director's friend (the one who actually used to be in charge of finances of the orphanage and watched her embezzle the money meant to feed our children, but instead was stolen while they starved) had been allowed to gain control of a new group home starting up and she had requested the older children be put under her charge.  She hired back the fired staff members...Those fired for ABUSE.....(Just as she had hired back the old director when she was interim director of the orphanage!).....We emailed the US Embassy....We raised our voices....We couldn't stop them from taking 11 of the children....Brandon was one of the children that they took!

Only two of those children are adoptable...Brandon is ONE of those children!  He did not have a family at that time.... 


This is the Thorntons and their two adult children that still live at home.
They also have two adult sons who live on their own and one grandson who they adore.
You can read more about their family here:

The Thornton Family were already in process to bring home Reed, who has special needs as well.  They are no stranger to this country or to Pleven orphanage.  This family saw Brandon's story when I posted about him on Facebook.  They are actually friends of mine who both went on my first pickup trip to help bring my children back to the US, since my husband was at home with our other children and Keith was at risk of refeeding syndrome and she is a Registered Nurse.  She also went on my second adoption to help, because of her medical background and Matthew's needs.  Both times they saw and lived the shock of Pleven.  Both times they knew God had a plan for them....When Reed needed a family comfortable with his medical needs, they saw him and were in tears knowing he was theirs, but God did the same when they saw Brandon and realized that their son was being sent back to his abusers.... 

This is Reed that the Thornton's are also adopting. 
He is 4 years old and had Spina Bifida, CP, and Hydrocephalus.
You can read more about him here:

That is where Brandon is right now.  Brandon is in the hands of his abusers.  This auction is going to put them so very close to being fully funded, since they as of today lack $3,700 from being fully funded!!!!  They are homestudy ready already and their USCIS approval should be back I would hope by the time the auction kicks off.  As soon as it arrives their dossier is ready to head on over to Brandon's country. 

So, start looking around...Do you have gift cards, jewelry, books, quilts, or anything of worth that could help us to redeem Brandon?  He is sitting right now in a group home run by the same Pleven workers that abused and starved him....  This is our chance to get the first older child out of their hands!   Email me donations for the auction at  There are links on the side that explain better how the auction works.  It will run April 1st through 7th. 

Brandon is counting on us all!  I am pretty sure that his smile is being extinguished as we speak.....

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