**We ONLY accept payment through PAYPAL.


That's a wrap! "Beautiful Brandi" is CLOSED!

Time Is Up!

Thank you all, once again, for your loving participation in our auction.  So many people have given generously to make it a 
great success!

No more bids will be accepted at this time.
(Only bids with a time stamp of 12:00 AM or earlier will count.)
The auction grand total will be posted tomorrow.
If you are a bidder:  I will begin working on invoices early tomorrow.  It is important that payment be made no later than April 12th via PayPal, following the instructions that you will receive in your invoice.

If you are a donor:  Once I receive payment for your
item(s), I will send you an email with the mailing info for the winner of your items.  Please understand that it could be  a week before you hear from me as I will be waiting on payment to contact you.  Also, please be sure to ship within 48 hours of receiving that email so that items can arrive in a timely manner.

Thank you, Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. 
~Amy Rainey

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 


  1. Amy, did you mean to say no later than FEB 13th? for the payment? :)

    1. Yes, I apologize. I made a mistake. Of course, it is February rather than January. I corrected my error. Sorry about that.

  2. Thank you all so much for bidding on this auction. Thank you everyone who donated items. This has been such a blessing for our family!! We can't wait to bring our son home. Please keep watching our story unfold on our blog and please keep praying for Peyton (SImon).

    Thank you Amy. You are amazing!!!

  3. It is our joy to be a part of your story :) I'm going to post your comment with the grand total post so that everyone is sure to see it!


Don't Forget! Upon placing your first sure to email with your full name so that we can get in contact with you at auction's end about the items that you've won. And, be sure to bid below using at least your first name and last initial so that we know who is who. Thank you!