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Meet Our April Family!

Introducing Beautiful Brandi
From Brandi's family:
Brandi grabbed our hearts back in August and hasn’t let go.  We love this child and can’t wait to bring her home!  She will be eight in May and has had little to no treatment or therapy for her many medical conditions, including cerebral palsy.  But God has moved mightily on her behalf, and our home study is nearly complete.  The last document we need is the footprint card for our youngest daughter, who should be arriving any day now!  Our other children, 3, 5, and 7 years old, are excited to meet both their new sisters.  They make pictures and photo collages for Brandi, practice songs to sing to her, and tell everyone we meet that “we’re trying to adopt”.  Makes for some interesting conversations with strangers at the store, but we’re glad the children have welcomed Brandi into our family.  All of us feel privileged to be gifted with such a special child and very much want to honor our Lord in everything we do as a family.
Beautiful Brandi's auction will run April 1-7, 2014.  Donating an auction item is a tangible way to make a lasting difference
in her precious life.  Donations can be emailed to  Please consider sending your donation email soon!  Brandi needs an army of people who are willing to stand in the gap and tell the world that she matters!


  1. We love Brandi, I met her in June and am so glad she has a mama coming for her!!!

  2. Oh praise God! I was so hoping it was going to be Brandi's turn next!!!!!

  3. yeah!!!!! Can't wait for her to be home with her family!!!


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