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Who We Are

Redeeming Children ~ One Child at a Time

Imagine a world where there is no love, kindness, hugs or cuddles.  Days are filled with very little human contact, and the contact that you do have is rough and rushed.  Imagine that this is your life day after day. You are told that no one wants you and no one ever will; that your life has no value. You have never known what it feels like to be loved, cared for, prayed for, tucked into bed, to be clean, or to be happy. You have never breathed fresh air, or felt a gentle breeze as it blew through your hair.  For that matter, you have little hair, your head has been shaved all of your life.  You have not heard the singing of birds, the crash of ocean waves, or any of a  thousand other sounds of beauty that others take for granted every day.  The sounds that mark your life are sounds of fear,  pain, and deprivation. You are a child whose only mistake in life was being born with a disability in a country that sees you as having no value.

You may read this and say to yourself,  "That is horrible, but there isn't anything I can do about it. I am too far away.  I can't afford to help.  And frankly, I don't have the time."  As an individual, this may be true.  However, a group of people who are working together toward the same end can affect much change. This my friends is where we invite you to be part of miracles, the kind that we often miss out on in the busyness of our everyday lives. There are families who deeply desire to bring these children home. They want to give these voiceless, forgotten ones all of the things that a child should have, but most of all, they want to give them a chance at life. To adopt one of these precious image-bearers of our Father is a bold undertaking, and one that requires much support both emotional and financial.

This blog is founded with the intent to help bring home as many children from a particular institution in Bulgaria as possible. The conditions there are abhorrent. Children simply exist, they have no hope. The neglect is unfathomable.  Please understand that this is not the norm for Bulgarian orphanages.   Our first auction was held in October of 2011 to help bring Teagan home and the work will not stop any time soon. It will continue as long as there is a need. We will do this for as many families as we can that are working to bring their little ones home.
God is shining a very bright light into a very dark corner of the world right now, and He can use you to make this beacon of hope even brighter.
Matthew 25:40
The king will answer, "Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me.