**We ONLY accept payment through PAYPAL.

How The Auction Works

When is the next auction?
The next auction will run from Wednesday, April 1, 2015 through Tuesday, April 7, 2015.  It will end at midnight EST.  Each item will start with a minimum bid of $5 unless otherwise stated in the auction listing.

How do I bid?
Items will be posted separately, and you can bid on an item by making a comment on the post that you are interested in.  You may come back and bid as often as you like until the auction officially closes.
Before placing your first bid, please email with your full name so that we can contact you more easily at the end of the auction should you be a winner. You need only do this once, feel free to bid as often as you like afterward.
Shipping is paid by the donor of each item, as such, we will only ask them to ship within the contiguous 48 states.

I don't have a Google account.  How can I comment to bid?

When you post a comment to bid, immediately to the right of the little “Comment As” box, there is an arrow pointing downward. Click on that arrow, and you will be given choices. Click on the Name/Url option, and just use your first name and last initial and leave the URL space blank. 

How do I pay for the items that I've won? 
We only accept payment via PayPal, the family's paypal address will be sent to winning bidders at the close of the auction.  After making payment, winners should forward their PayPal receipt to 
so that we can have their items shipped.  **Payment should be made no later than the 12th of the month. Otherwise, we will offer the item to the next-highest bidder**

Please note: Hidden Treasures is not an established non-profit foundation. We do not funnel the funds through any organization, but rather, the funds go directly to the benefiting family. As a result, we cannot provide tax receipts.

The question has been asked, "Do you keep a portion of the money that is raised?"  The answer is no.  The money goes directly to the benefitting family's account via Paypal .  Hidden Treasures coordinators never even see the money.  We do this for the sake of accountability.  Paypal does take a small percentage for the electronic funds transfer, and as such some donors choose to "pad" their payment by a dollar or two.  That is completely a matter of choice.



How do I donate an item to an auction?
If you would like to donate any item(s) of worth to this auction, please contact the administrators at .  We would be honored to have you. We will need your full name, a photo and short description of the item(s) that you are interested in donating. When the auction closes, we will contact you with the information you need to ship your item(s) to the highest bidder.

**SHIPPING**  Please carefully package any items that you donate.  We've had a some items arrive completely destroyed, which is unfortunate.  Thanks so much!

How Are Families Chosen?
We are a part of the Pleven community of families already home and stay alert as to who is in process, as well as where in the process the families are.  We are also aware of the needs of the children themselves and the urgency to get each child out.  We stay in contact with many families as well as the Pleven Project to stay as up to date as we can at all times.