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Where Things Are....Let Me Explain.....

Ok, so I get a lot of emails asking questions, so I think this is easiest and less time consuming than trying to answer them all individually which just makes everything take more time or else feels like I'm ignoring you all. 

Here is how it all works: 

Step #1:  You all bid on items and are SUPPOSED to send me your email addresses WITH your bidding name.  When you do THIS it puts your bidding name with your email into my email box.

Step #2:  I go through and get all the winners of those who bid BEFORE midnight.  If you bid after midnight they do NOT count.  I have people who bid after and then don't realize it. 

Step #3:  I take those bidding names and enter them into my search to email you about your winning items.....  (When people do not email me, then it slows down the process and I have to try to go through LOTS of contacts and asking around to try to figure out who those people are.)

Step #4:  After I have to wait to get the receipts back from where the winners actually paid for their items in order to send the information to the donors.  I found out last time that many donors would prefer to go to the post office in just a trip or two (which makes PERFECT SENSE), so I try to wait till I have at least more than a few receipts trickling in to start messaging my wonderful, amazing donors about the items.  It just keeps it from being a long while between them hearing about items.  It often takes a while to hear back on payments though, because people take a little while to pay.  Not a biggie, just the way it is!

Step #5:  I have to send the addresses to the correct donors.  Shouldn't be complicated.....Except most people seem to forget that I need the addresses.  lol  If they don't send them with their PayPal receipt, then I have to message them back and wait again.  Some believe I'm sure that I should have it from the last auction if they bid before, and some just forget entirely, but even if I had it before then it is in a file from that auction amongst back and forth emails and it would take me forever to dig out. 

So, if you are wondering where we are in that process......Mostly I am trying to do step #5, but I have a few people who I never was able to notify bc I didn't have an email (just about 3 people)....So if you never got an email saying you won an item and you think you did, then contact me.  You could have tried to send an email and the email monster ate it in cyberspace!  lol

If you've tried to message me and ask about where we are in the process, then I apologize if I haven't gotten back to you.  All of those steps are pretty time consuming and a lot of emails are exchanged getting all the receipts.  I am trying to go through all the receipts now and that is not easy and other emails get lost in the process until I get to them while going up through.  The more other emails I try to respond to, the less time I have to get these steps completed.  lol  If you are a donor, then watch for the addresses.  I've either got them or I'm waiting for them.  Some have been sent out and other emails have been sent asking for them.  :) 

Love all of your hearts for our Hidden Treasures and I'm so thankful for all of you!


  1. Are we looking at another auction this fall? I have several items to donate, so I was just wondering if you had a date planned???
    Thank you SO very much for what you are doing to help these precious orphans - they are the apple of God's eye!


Don't Forget! Upon placing your first sure to email with your full name so that we can get in contact with you at auction's end about the items that you've won. And, be sure to bid below using at least your first name and last initial so that we know who is who. Thank you!