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Up and Running for Mikah with More to Come!

Ok, so the first 70 Items are up tonight.  The items were pretty late to start rolling in, but our regulars, a few newbies, and Mikah's friends and family really rolled in the donations at the end!  I have quite a few more items to get up still, but they aren't all going to get posted this evening.  I got quite a few of them done while my sweet boy from the same orphanage did his nightly play session with the my teenage boys, his daddy, and a friend of mine, but Mommy is required for going to sleep.  ;)  He's a bit nocturnal....If you know much about that orphanage, then you know they spent most of their lives in their cribs and Keith was even in an isolation room there.  We play with him till he is ready to crash and I'm hoping that is now. 

I have a really great surprise for you tomorrow that I am saving for as close to the last item that I add as I can....Not a puppy this time, but another Pleven Mama had a great special item for this time!  Mikah's siblings made some art that I will be adding, there are more gift cards, and lots more fun stuff to add!  So start shopping and stay tuned for lots more as we work to get Mikah closer to home!

Thanks for all your help and happy shopping!!

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