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Free Willy BluRay


Free Willy BluRay
This Bluray is brand new and in the plastic still. 
Thank you Debbie!
Please be sure to email when you decide to place your first bid. Please include your full name, and the name that you will be bidding under. Thank you!


  1. $5. Just to confirm, the description of all 3 movies says DVD, but the pictures show Blu-Ray. They are Blu-Ray, right?

  2. Yes, they are Bluray. I contacted the donor to ask for clarification and changed the description after getting that clarification. Thank you!


Don't Forget! Upon placing your first sure to email with your full name so that we can get in contact with you at auction's end about the items that you've won. And, be sure to bid below using at least your first name and last initial so that we know who is who. Thank you!