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Breaking Free Brandon Auction is Up and Running!!!

Ok, so the "Breaking Free Brandon Auction" is up and running full force.  There could be some late additions, as I will still add any items that come in and I had heard we still had some other things we will see! 

There will be a linky tool coming, but it is nearly 3am and I am TIRED.  These kids will still go full force for April 1st so I have to get a little sleep.  Keith turns 8 today and Ahnja turns 13, so they will wake up ready to go! 

While we party, we need you to BID!  Make sure to check out the GOLDENDOODLE PUPPY that is here partying with us, because he would make a great addition to any family who wants a wonderful pet or dog to train as a service dog.  We got ours to train for our kids and are keeping one of the puppies for that purpose as well. 

Oh and guess what....Brandon's new Mommy is coming over this evening to hang out with us and bring me some Easter candy we ordered that will make our kids' Easter baskets great and help Brandon come home as well. 


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