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Just DAYS Away and NEWS!

The Auction will start in just a few days and there is news on Brandon's adoption.  His family got his USCIS approval and his Dossier has been apostilled......  That means it is ready to head off to his country and be translated.....Then it will be submitted to the authorities in his country and wait for a travel date for his family to go and tell him that he has a family that loves him!  His family will be the first family to go into the new group home that took the children away from the orphanage......Start praying now! 

Pray for this auction to be a huge success and for the family to be as close to fully funded and possible when this is over.  Pray that Brandon's brother Reed's health will hold out and he will be able to remain as healthy as possible while waiting to come home.  Pray that the children in the group home will find some way to be safe.....  PRAY.....

If you have any items to donate to the auction that starts on April 1st, you can email pictures and descriptions to me at 

We'll be ready to roll in just a short while so stay tuned!  I have a special surprise for this auction that won't always be possible, but there is a "Spring" surprise for this auction that isn't mailable.....  Let's just say that pickup is required for a certain item in this auction that a lucky bidder can choose to take home!  You won't want to miss the pictures of this cuddly cutie!!!!  STAY TUNED!! 

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