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Reece's Rainbow Donation to the Child of Your Choice! **Double Dip**

This is a fantastic idea!  The winner of this listing will have the opportunity to choose a child on Reece's Rainbow to receive a $30 donation.  **If the bids go over $30, then the donor will match the bids up to $50!**  Isn't that fabulous?  I think this may be the granddaddy of **Double Dips**!
Thank you, Erika!
Please be sure to email when you decide to place your first bid. Please include your full name, and the name that you will be bidding under. Thank you!


  1. Amy, does this mean if the winning bid is $50, $100 will be donated to a child on RR? ~ Tiffiny

    1. If the winning bid is $30 or less, the donation will be $30. If the winning bid is $30 -$50, the amount donated will match that (a $50 winning bid will result in a $50 donation). If the winning bid is more than $50, the donation will still be $50.

  2. $35 - Victoria G


Don't Forget! Upon placing your first sure to email with your full name so that we can get in contact with you at auction's end about the items that you've won. And, be sure to bid below using at least your first name and last initial so that we know who is who. Thank you!