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Bella Taylor Drawstring Bag

This Bella Taylor drawstring bag has a white background with black roses on it and features a silver cross accessory. This bag measures 12" x 8".  It retails for approximately $14.95.
Thank you, Shelby!
Please be sure to email when you decide to place your first bid. Please include your full name, and the name that you will be bidding under. Thank you!


  1. Amy, could you find out the dimensions of this bag? I have it in mind for a certain friend for a certain purpose if it's large enough. Thank you!

    1. I added the dimensions above, 8"x12", but failed to reply to your question directly. I'm sorry about that!

  2. Oh no worries, Amy! I haven't stopped back in until now! Thank you so much, friend; that's very helpful!

    Opening the bidding at $5!


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